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Holbox comes from Mayan and, in Spanish, means "Black Hole" although it is actually a place that is illuminated by the colorful houses, small hotels and hostels, restaurants, and the friendliness of the people who live in the town, many foreigners flee the harsh winters of their countries to take refuge there.

It has an extension of 40 kilometers long and two kilometers wide so you will not need a car to move from one place to another, the best you can do is rent a bicycle to transport you and admire the landscape from another perspective. The island is not paved so you walk on the sand, the most common means of transportation are golf carts.

Fresh products from the sea are eaten on the island, one of these is lobster, so you will find it as part of many dishes, even there was where the lobster pizza was born, a local specialty that you will find in most of the restaurants in the area.

In addition to its good weather and the tranquility it exudes, Holbox is home to the whale shark -the largest fish in the world- with which you can swim.

What to Love

  • Laid-back island lifestyle.
  • Gorgeous crystal clear ocean.
  • Incredible sunrises and sunsets by the beach.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Not all of the beaches on Holbox are wild and deserted. Guesthouses and seafood restaurants line the main town beach. There are a few beach clubs, the most prominent of which is Coquitos, which is located under the palms at the end of sandy Canane Boulevard. It's a terrific place to unwind on the beach, under the shady palm-thatch parasols, or in the club pool, with an icy mojito in hand. The bar also offers good all-day seafood and botana snacks. At TacoQueto the decor is simple: plastic tables and a plain canvas awning, yet there are no better tacos in Holbox for this cheap. The menu has classics like hearty burritos and cheese-oozing quesadillas, as well as house specialties like al pastor (pulled pork) and sirloin (made with prime beef). There is food to go (the beach is a short walk away), and you are welcome to bring your own drink (bought at the supermarket on the corner). Fine cuisine with a view of the ocean? It's at the Mandarina, a Mex-meets-Med restaurant in Holbox's nicest boutique hotel, Las Tortugas. Begin with the Ama Bar, which offers sunset views, and the house Hoja Santa drink (Espadn mezcal, Mexican pepper leaf, chile, and tonic). Then proceed to the Mandarin's dining room, which features distressed wood tables beneath a palapa within reaching distance of the waves, and order seafood fresh from the sea.

Things to Do

By day, Coco Beach is lovely, with its white sands and sparkling shallows cooled by the shadow of coconut palms. Swimming in the shallows at night is amazing, as your body glistens with phosphorescent plankton. Even the beach, where the waves hug the coast, gleams with brightness. Coco is located on the island's western coast and is one of the few sites in Quintana Roo where the sun sets over the sea. The world's largest species of fish travels Holbox's shallow seas between mid-May and mid-September, drawn by an upswell of plankton where the Caribbean meets the Gulf of Mexico. Snorkeling with one of these massive leviathans is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Boats whisk you out beyond the reef, and when you jump in, you see nothing. Slowly, a massive, gently undulating figure emerges from the depths, its dark back sprinkled with white and perfectly hidden by the dance of light and water. This is an extraordinary opportunity.

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