Welcome to Telchac

 Telchac Puerto is a beautiful fishing port and its main square is surrounded by trees, benches, and games for children, no doubt you will spend an unforgettable and quiet afternoon. Its small boardwalk and lighthouse are the ideal place to see the beautiful sunsets at the end of the day, where you can take beautiful souvenir photos.


Its white-sand beaches and calm and crystalline waters are ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and spending the whole day, we recommend you to bring an umbrella or a tent to have a place to take shelter. Very early in the morning, you will see the fishermen leaving or returning from the day's fishing, around them you will see the seagulls, pelicans, and frigate birds looking for an opportunity to steal a fish.

What to Love

  • White sandy beaches
  • Stunning tropical beauty
  • A tranquil atmosphere
  • Impeccable Yucatecan cuisine
  • Turquoise water and mystical cenotes

Local Lifestyle

Quiet and serene, the Yucatan Coast embraces the ease and relaxation of a true beach enclave, and the breezy fishing villages and quaint seaside towns welcome newcomers with warmth and friendly smiles. An idyllic spot for anyone looking to unplug from hectic city life, the Yucatan Coast is home to a thriving community of ex-pats seeking coastal beauty and peaceful life.


Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

In Telchac Puerto you will find restaurants with a wide variety of fish and seafood dishes, as well as stores where you can buy souvenirs, greengrocers, and stalls with traditional sweets. El Angelito is Telchac’s most celebrated bistro, with a vibrant menu of fresh fish, shrimp cocktails, and colorful avocado dishes. Gran Marina Kinuh’s restaurant is another well-liked option for those seeking a meal with a spectacular view.


Things to Do

Crystalline water and white sandy beaches are just the beginning of what the gorgeous Yucatan Coast offers. Get to know this slice of paradise with a relaxing day at the Reserva Ecológica El Corchito. Wander the lushly landscaped paths for an up-close look at the Coast’s stunning flora and fauna, or explore the spectacular turquoise waters of the area's cenotes, like the incredible Cenote Pájaros. Saltwater and freshwater mix in this tropical oasis, and the atmosphere around this unique body of water feels decidedly mystical.



Due to its closeness to Merida, many choose to attend private or higher education schools in the state’s capital.

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